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Offices At Mizarstvo Florjančič, making furniture for offices has been a very important part of production from the very start. We know how to completely adapt to your wishes. We can advise you and design the layout, materials and the usability aspect or simply manufacture and assemble the furniture according to the architect`s designs. Below, you will find a few examples of offices. Catering establishments During all the years that Mizarstvo Florjančič has been operating, we have equipped many commercial and catering establishments. We have experience in making catering establishment furniture for even the most exacting clients. You can see a few examples of our work in the gallery. Other business premises Besides office furniture and furnishings for catering and commercial establishments, we at Mizarstvo Florjančič also have experience making quality furniture for showrooms, consulting rooms, hospitals, hotels, kindergartens, schools, etc. Kitchens At Mizarstvo Florjančič, we can make you a quality custom-made and functional kitchen. We are experienced in making classic and modern kitchens. We use quality materials and fittings, because we are aware that furniture in the kitchen is regularly exposed to wear and tear. Besides furniture, we can also supply and assemble household appliances. As with all furniture, we can design your kitchen ourselves or make it for you according to the architect`s design. There are many different materials available for making kitchens. Special attention should be given to the material of the counter, which is the most exposed surface in the room. To make the counter, we most often recommend ultrapas, kerrock, compact or massive slabs. An important role in the appearance and functionality of a kitchen is played by the selected household appliances, lighting and decoration. Bedrooms, children’s rooms, youth rooms and living rooms A bedroom or room is a place where we rest and relax, so it is important that these rooms make us feel good. Mizarstvo Florjančič will help you create such a place. The living room should be equipped so that it is appealing and functional for all household members, because this is the place where we spend the majority of our free time. We make rooms in all types of hues, various types of veneer and fine chipboards. The appearance of the furniture is enhanced by wood in combination with glass, metal and suitable lighting. Other furnishings Besides all types of business premises, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, children`s and youth rooms, we at Mizarstvo Florjančič also make all other types of furnishings: indoor doors, cabinets, wardrobes, panelling, bathrooms, anterooms, etc.

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